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Why math education isn’t an issue in the 2014 Ontario election.

Gareth Lind for Yahoo Canada

Andrea Horwath’s internal troubles in Ontario indicative of NDP woes across the country

Andy Radia writes on the NDP’s identity struggle to become a governing party.

Outside of Manitoba, there are no NDP governments. Over the past year, they’ve lost power in Nova Scotia and let a slam-dunk election in British Columbia slip from their hands.

Will a move to the centre help the federal party in 2015? Will a move to the centre give Horwath’s NDP more seats come June 12? That remains to be seen.

What is clear, however, is that at this point in time, in Canada, a party campaigning on traditional left-ist ideas (social justice, higher taxes, battling inequality, etc…) isn’t going to form a government.

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Go Habs go!

(Ahem, the Rangers are 12-1 when they lead a playoff series 3-1.)

by Aislin on Yahoo Canada

Magic is a big part of each party leader’s routine during an election campaign. By the time the polls open, a few new tricks will have been tested on voters.

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